Thursday, January 9, 2014

introducing vegan salted caramel!

It's a new year, and in honor of all the molly moon's fans out there who love ice cream but can't (or don't) do milk, we are announcing our newest dairy-free flavor, vegan salted caramel!
Our classic salted caramel ice cream has always been the fan favorite, and now our dairy-free friends can enjoy it too! The vegan version has had the whole office (who are dairy lovers, by and large) sneaking to the freezer to 'sample' test batches, so we're pretty sure everyone is going to get addicted to our latest coconut-based creation.
How'd we do it? We make a vegan caramel base with organic coconut milk and sugar, and then churn it with more organic coconut milk and sea salt. The first bite or two is coconutty, but then the umami of the salt and caramel just takes over and the coconut takes a backseat. Oh, and there's a little bit of dairy-free love in there too!


Anonymous said...

Hi Molly Moons,
I must say that your desserts definitely are irresistible! I love that you have a new store open in Uvill now (but it’s also dangerously too convenient! :) I’m excited to see that your salted caramel flavor now has a vegan option! Are there other flavors also available with the Vegan option or is this the first one available to customers?

molly moon said...

hi Ashley! thanks for your sweet comment! we try to have one vegan ice cream on the menu at all times (and two vegan sorbets). the vegan ice creams are made with coconut milk as the base. we have had coconut chunk for a long time (coconut ice cream with chunks of dark theo chocolate and flakes of real coconut meat), but we thought we'd switch it up and try salted caramel. people are loving it so far!

molly moon said...
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