Thursday, July 16, 2015

capitol hill: cheap date, sweet date

This is the first installment in our Cheap Date, Sweet Date series! We've recruited a variety of Seattleites - our friends, neighbors and even some members of the #mooncrew - to show how combining a cheap, fun activity with a trip to the ice cream shop makes for the very best kind of date!

To kick things off, our friends Lonnie and Kaitlin cruised over to Capitol Hill in their 1984 Volvo 240DL for a sweet night out in one of our favorite 'hoods. Here’s Lonnie and Kaitlin’s recipe for the ultimate Cheap Date, Sweet Date on Capitol Hill:

First course: A trip to Glasswing

“Kaitlin tried on a bunch of clothes we couldn't afford,” Lonnie says with a laugh. “And we ended up buying a plant, a really cool ceramic pot, and an old issue of Inventory Magazine."

Second course: happy hour at Oddfellows

Lonnie and Kaitlin snagged a table outside at Oddfellows Cafe+Bar where they had some snacks and cold drinks. “It was such a beautiful night, we laughed and talked about the next few months ahead before our wedding," Kaitlin says.

Third Course: a sweet treat at Molly Moon’s!

"Typically we always taste test the seasonal flavors and then we order 'scout' mint and melted chocolate with hot fudge on top," Lonnie says. "It makes me laugh because we are totally those people who taste the other flavors but are stuck on our favorite combo!"

“We walked over to Cal Anderson Park across the street like we always do," Kaitlin says. "We lounged on the turf and joked around and enjoyed the sunset!”

Thanks for sharing this lovely date night with us Lonnie and Kaitlin!

How about all of you out there in blog land, what’s your idea of the perfect summer date?

Photography by Kaitlin Arndt and Lonnie Webb.

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