Friday, September 5, 2014

One scoop at a time - Zamzam & Kiersten

Blogger's note: This post is part of our series, "Making the World Better One Scoop at a Time" where we highlight all the awesome things our people are doing to make our community, and the world, a better place.

Today we're featuring Zamzam (L) and Kiersten (R). Zamzam and Kiersten both hope their future careers will help other people - Zamzam is going to school to become a physician assistant, and Kiersten is a sociology major who wants to go into the Peace Corps after graduating.

Q & A with Zamzam - Scooper in Madrona 

: We hear you're studying to be a physician assistant. That’s so cool! What made you want to do that?

Zamzam: I want to become a physician assistant because it's a field where I don't have to go through years of medical school, and just need health care experience and a bachelors in a science background. The great thing about it is that I can jump from field to field and work with any kind of doctor. The best thing is that I can always go back to the physician and ask anything and rely on the physician whenever needed. I've always seen myself working at a hospital and never really knew what kind of doctor I wanted to be because I always wanted to become a neurosurgeon, a pediatrician, and work in so many other fields because science is hard work but so interesting to me. Also, I get to help make people feel better!

mm's: Where are you at with your studies?
Zamzam: I am going into my second year of college and finishing mostly all my prereqs at Seattle Central and then will transfer to University of Washington to finish school and then enroll in the PA program they have at the U.

mm's: What are your hopes and dreams for your future?
Zamzam: My hopes and dreams for my future are to be involved in people's daily life and helping them, and one of the ways I know I can do that is by becoming a physician assistant.

Q & A with Kiersten - Scooper in U Village

mm's: Your coworkers say you're pretty awesome to work with, what do you think about that?
Kiersten: That makes me feel fantastic! I strive to create a healthy, fun work environment where everyone feels like part of the team. In order to run the show in such a busy location it’s extremely important that my coworkers feel comfortable and have direction. One of my favorite ways of helping out my coworkers is giving them small tips and tricks that make a huge difference in efficiency and presentation. I call them “Molly Moon pro-tips” as they are things I have learned from my more experienced cohorts through out my time working here. I am elated to hear that I am appreciated by such a great team of amazing people.

mm's: We hear you like to volunteer to help out your coworkers with making chocolate milkshakes. Are they hard to make or something?
Kiersten: This question makes me giggle. Sometimes the chocolate ice cream can be very hard to scoop let alone hand spin into a milkshake. I consider myself pretty good at making milkshakes so it’s always nice to lend a helping hand since it can be a bit of a pain. And I actually enjoy it! It’s nice to concentrate on making something really good for a customer. The sheer look of joy on the customer’s face when I had them my little piece is art is very rewarding.

mm's: Do you have any hobbies/interests/projects that you enjoy when not working?

I attend Seattle University where I am currently getting my degree in Sociology. I enjoy learning and try to soak up as much information as possible. Since I study Sociology, I spend a lot of time reading online articles and watching documentaries that do with different cultures and current affairs. I find people fascinating and actually spend a decent amount of time chatting with a variety of homeless people in Capitol Hill. It’s apparent that these people do not have many others to confide in or vent to, so being there for them if only for a few minutes is extremely important to me. We are all humans trying to make it in this world and everyone deserves the time of day.

mm's: What are your hopes/dreams for the future?

Kiersten: After I graduate, I hope to join the Peace Corps where I can actively put my acquired skills to work. Making a difference in even just one person’s life is so gratifying – I truly feel it is my calling as I have been blessed with the opportunities and resources most people will never have. A big dream I hope to accomplish is starting a non-profit tutoring and day care center for urban single mothers who need the extra help in order to provide for their family. In the end, I just wish to have a career in which I can make a difference and lend a helping hand to others.

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