Monday, November 3, 2014

new today: vegan salted caramel

Well folks, we've got a new vegan ice cream flavor today: vegan salted caramel! It will be available in all our shops through February 1. Made with organic coconut milk, coconut caramel sauce and kosher salt, the first bite or two is coconutty, but then the umami of the salt and caramel just takes over and the coconut takes a backseat. It's so delicious that vegans and dairy-lovers alike go crazy for it!

This flavor is delicious on its own, or in our new secret sundaeMolly's Favorite Vegan. (It's secret because you won't find it on our chalkboards, but we're happy to whip one up for you - just ask!)

Editor's note: we've gotten some feedback that it's hard to figure out how to comment on this blog. we're working on a redesign/relaunch for this winter, but until then, just click on the little blue link next to the envelope icon!

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