Monday, August 17, 2015

new today: watermelon sorbet

It's time for watermelon sorbet! This flavor is simple, fresh and a naturally awesome shade of fuchsia. Made with organic black watermelons from Inaba Produce Farms in Yakima Valley. Available through September 20.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

meet reed: a molly moon's VIP (Very Ice creamy Person!)

“Uh-oh, looks like they only have alligator ice cream today!”

“Nooooooo!” says Reed, age five, in response to his dad’s usual joke about the menu at molly moon's. But it’s not the (make believe) presence of alligator ice cream that bothers Reed so much: it’s the idea that there could ever be an absence of his favorite flavor: melted chocolate.

Reed has been visiting our Madrona shop since he was two years old, and there’s a good chance he’s melted chocolate’s biggest fan … ever.

“I don’t think he believes we should carry anything but chocolate ice cream,” says Sky, our Madrona shop manager who has been scooping chocolate ice cream for Reed for almost three years.

Our melted chocolate ice cream is made with 70% dark Theo chocolate. To get just the right dense texture and rich flavor, our ice cream makers heat up milk and cream and then pour it over the chocolate. (We use a whopping four pounds of chocolate per batch.) As the chocolate melts, it makes a rich ganache that we combine with cream, milk, sugar and organic vanilla bean to make our chocolate ice cream.

This is exactly the right amount of chocolate for Reed, also known to our Madrona shop crew as “Chocolate Boy.” According to Reed’s mom, he loves very chocolatey things and has been known to reject things like chocolate graham crackers and other (non-MM’s) chocolate ice creams on the grounds that they do not contain enough chocolate.

Reed and Sky have become buddies during his frequent visits to the shop. After he gets his ice cream – usually a kid’s scoop of melted chocolate with sprinkles in waffle cone – Reed will pull up a stool hang out with Sky, chatting away, his face covered in chocolate. If another customer needs to get to the counter, he moves the stool to make room for them … and then moves it right back when they leave.

“He’s such an energetic and chatty kid, and he loves chocolate,” Sky says. “His love for melted chocolate might be the truest love that has ever existed.”

Editor's Note: This is the first in a series featuring our favorite VIPs (Very Ice creamy People!) If you'd like to nominate someone - or yourself! - for this honor, drop us a line at 

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

new today: ginger ice cream

We're going old school: ginger ice cream is back for the next six weeks!!! Made with puréed organic ginger and chunks of organic ginger we candy in-house. The amazing flavor of this ice cream is thanks to the delicious ginger we get from The Ginger People, sourced from Fjii. Now scooping through September 27th.

Friday, August 7, 2015

summer nights with BFA

As evenings get a bit shorter  it seems like a good time to slow down and take a walk. Maybe grab an ice cream cone and catch up with your friends. Or your Brothers.

We recently hit the streets of Capitol Hill with Brothers from Another, the Seattle hip-hop group that wrote the dreamiest ice cream anthem, ever. When we first heard BFA's song, "Molly Moon's" come over our speakers, everyone in the molly moon's office literally got up and started jumping around and dancing. From that day on, we've been in love with BFA and their most wholesome single ever!

Isaiah, Beeba and Cole joined us for some ice cream and chatted about music, summer and life:

mm: OK, Guys: three years on, how do you feel about your single 'Molly Moon's'?

Isaiah: Still one of my favorite songs. It's just associated with such a good summer and lots of ice cream.

Beeba: A Seattle summer classic.

Cole: I associate that song with nothing but positive vibes & good people. Hearing it always puts me in a good mood. Hopefully that goes for others that listen to it as well.

mm: So what songs are on your personal summer soundtrack?

Isaiah: Will Smith "Summer Time"

Beeba: Rock The Boat by Aaliyah, Peaches N Cream by Snoop Dogg & Girlfriend by NSYNC

Cole: Leon On by Mo, So Good by Tuxedo, Every Little Step by Bobby Brown

And now for the big question: favorite ice cream flavor? 

Isaiah: Oh man when Cherry Chunk is in season

Beeba: Green Tea

Cole: Scout Mint!

Big thanks to Brothers from Another for letting us tag along and rocking our new gear. Check out their new album, This Summer, and give it a listen on SoundCloud.

Look like a Brother:
Beeba and Cole's 'ice cream' sweatshirt
Isaiah's Parker tee
Beeba's hat pins

Thursday, August 6, 2015

creating play: the man behind our 'parker' rattle

"Family comes first!" says David Minnery. He lights up as he talks, having just come from a post-dinner stopover with the kids to play at Golden Gardens Park. 

David, along with his wife Adrienne, is the owner and creator of local toy line, Manzanita Kids. Not only does David make all of the handcrafted wooden toys, he's also a stay-at-home dad. He slips off to his garage studio nights and weekends to create these simple but beautiful toys. "I shoehorn in Manzanita Kids in all other hours! It's not nine-to-five, it has its own sets of challenges, but it works for us. My commute is just a few steps!"

Their North Seattle home houses both a busy little garage studio and a busy little family. Both require lots of creativity and attention. For David, putting family first isn't just a happy coincidence, but a full-time credo for his vision of Manzanita Kids. With Adrienne, David makes gorgeously polished and thoughtfully produced wooden rattles, puzzles, and other toys, all of which are inspired by their own children: Thomas, 5, and Isabel, 3.

David wants to make something that lasts in a phase of life when children are constantly outgrowing everything — clothes, toys, moods and tastes. He makes playthings with limitless possibilities for a durable experience that will last throughout childhood. 

"As kids go through different developmental stages, they're going to find different ways to play with the same toy, " David says. "As they age and grow, they'll keep rediscovering the same toy, but find something new about it each time." Because Manzanita toys are simple structures, they allow for the imagination to spark complex, cognitive fun. As David explains, "our toys unlock creativity and free play for kids, and are still safe, durable, and special enough to become family heirlooms." 

And that's our hope for our new Parker Posey rattles. David makes every Parker rattle by hand, featuring Parker's silhouette (inspired by Molly’s real-life Frenchton pup) in a range of natural wood stains. The smooth finish is irresistible to curious toddler fists! 

David and Adrienne's commitment craftsmanship and sourcing sustainable materials was the perfect fit for a custom Molly Moon's toy. "This partnership is exciting because it's all local," David says. "Molly's approach to business is all about sustainability and being a part of a local community." 

Manzanita Kids toys harken back to a simpler time of childhood, offering a charming, nostalgic feel of quality, but designed with a modern mindset for modern kiddos. As for David's own kids, he gets to watch his toys unfurl the imagination in real time, in his own family room. "Right now, at their ages, our modular building walls are a hit. They'll build cities, rocket ships, whatever they can imagine…and occupy the entire floor of the room," David laughs.

"You'll spend a lot of time designing a toy to be played with in a certain way, but kids end up approaching the toys in so many different ways—they're designing their play, too."

The Parker rattle is available in our shops and online. 

Monday, August 3, 2015

new today: orchard blondie

This flavor combines vanilla ice cream with hunks of buttery homemade blondie bars and a generous swirl of peach-nectarine jam. The fruit comes from some of our fave Eastern Washington orchards, including Tiny's Organic. (We're using all organic peaches and nectarines, and they are delish!) Available through September 6.

Monday, July 27, 2015

new today: vegan coconut raspberry

Vegan coconut raspberry is out today! Our ice cream makers have been busy juicing and straining piles of fresh, organic raspberries from Skagit Valley. Made with organic berries from two of our fave local growers: Viva Farms and Hayton Farms. This lovely summer flavor isn't just for vegans, it's SO creamy and good! Now scooping through September 13.