Friday, April 18, 2014

salt licorice time!

Why are all these people making crazy faces? Well, let me tell you the story of salt licorice hazing! It all started when I worked at Goody's in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Boise, Idaho, the summer after my freshman year of college.

Goody's was your typical ice cream soda fountain/candy shop with jars & jars & jars of candy by the pound, including these little Double Salt Black Licorice pucks. Very few people bought them, but whenever we hired someone new, during the requisite tour of the candy area, the more senior shop employees would have the new kids try this black puck without telling them what it was. (The whole thing was a not-so-sweet form of hazing!) Most people would freak out … but I was like, 'This is delicious!' My bestie in college was an exchange student in Denmark & had this salty black licorice that I would eat all the time.

When our salt licorice ice cream comes out in the spring, I always remember that experience, so we got some molly moon's employees & friends who agreed to be 'hazed'! From left to right & top to bottom: Amanda (our Wallingford shop manager), Brian (one of our Capitol Hill ice cream makers), Eva (a Capitol Hill scooper), Ian (our head chef), Meri (a scooper in Wallingford), Michael Wells (Executive Director of the Capitol Hill Chamber of Commerce), me (saying 'What? How come no one else likes this?'), Rafi (an official molly moon's model) and Tucker (one of our U Village scoopers).

Even though these little black pucks inspired our salt licorice ice cream (one of my favorite annual, seasonal flavors), we make the ice cream with organic star anise & the usual recipe of sugar and local milk & cream, so it's sweetly delicious!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

oh hello, adorable ice cream maker!

you guys!  it's happened again! the it's my darlin' spotlight has shone upon another member of our delightful molly moon's family!

it's heather -- our newest ice cream maker in the capitol hill kitchen.  as i type, heather is zesting her 70th (that's right!) lime of the day for our lime cardamom fro-yo. heather is a smiling, sweet addition to our team this year. we snagged her after an intense education at the CIA in Hyde Park and are just loving having another talented chef around!

i love heather's rainy-day look that caught the eye of Dana from it's my darlin', but i'm ready for these April showers to turn to May flowers, how about you guys?? and for gentlemen who may be interested, Heather's favorite flower is orange blossom. you know... just so you know!

happy thursday, all!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

spring sale!

Here at molly moon's we get super excited about spring because a) it brings us that much closer to summer and b) we get to start using fresh, seasonal Washington produce again! (Like the lush, magenta rhubarb that's being turned into a delicious sorbet rightthisminute.)

But this year we are extra excited because we're kicking off the season with a spring sale in all our shops & online! We're working on some cool new designs (partnering with other local companies) to hit the shops this summer, so starting today we've got some oldies but goodies at great prices:
  • mm's aprons! (for kids - $12 & adults - $15)
    The classic molly moon's apron (our first edition!) ... these are the last of them & once they're gone, they're gone!
  • mm's onesies $10
    Soon we're going to switch to baby tees, so if you can't live without snaps, here's your chance!
  • rhubarb rose compote $6
    Since glorious rhubarb is one of the first signs of spring in Washington, what better way to kick off the season than with some Rhubarb Rose Compote? The rhubarb comes from the garden at Farmhouse Kitchens in Monroe, WA. It's delicious atop vanilla bean ice cream, yogurt & even toast!
Happy spring everyone!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Who doesn't love hot fudge? As you probably already know, our deep, dark homemade hot fudge, is made with local, organic cream, organic cocoa, and just enough organic butter to make it absolutely crave-worthy.  And even though our fudge is delicious on its own, hot fudge makes EVERYTHING better!  How do you like it?

Use the hashtag #hotlikefudge and tell us your favorite way to enjoy the molten, messy goodness!  Follow us on Instagram (or Facebook or Twitter) & use this tag to share your favorite way to enjoy hot fudge! Since our staff is super savvy about these things (and pretty #hotlikefudge themselves) we asked them to pitch in their fave ways to enjoy this cozy treat to get you started!

They love hot fudge ...

• with salted caramel & stumptown coffee
                - Eric, our Capitol Hill shop manager.
• on top of the whipped cream on your sundae
                - Lauren in Wallingford got this tip from a customer (she says it's messy but good!)
• with sorbet (and it's especially delicious on our current sorbet - kumquat!)
                - Ian, our head chef
• on the side of an ice cream sammy, for dippin'
                - Sky, our Madrona shop manager (she also loves it in a 'scout' mint milkshake!)
• with 'scout' mint & thin mint crumble
                - Ashlyn, our U Village shop manager
• a jar of our take-home hot fudge used as a dipping sauce on a banana for breakfast
                - Molly Moon herself, especially when she was pregnant!

...and naturally, with hot fudge's BFF salted caramel! Try Molly's Favorite Sundae (salted caramel & melted chocolate with hot fudge, candied hazelnuts, whipped cream & a cherry) for the perfect balance of salty/sweet!

Time to get #hotlikefudge! You in?

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Looking for a sweet way to spend Valentine's Day, or just spice up your February? Stop by molly moon's for our how spicy? ***** sundae, made with triple chocolate ice cream, Mexican hot fudge and chili sugar - which is where the *****s come in! Order your sundae with 1-5 *s and we'll customize it with 1-5 scoops of chili sugar, spiced and flavored with four different kinds of chili. And of course, we'll top it off with whipped cream, a Chukar cherry & two spoons if you like!

It's just like date night at your favorite neighborhood Thai place - only better, coz there's ice cream & chocolate involved!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

look who!

while i try to keep up with local news -- political, social, and otherwise -- i have been remiss for months  in not keeping up on one of my favorite bits of local fashion news -- it's my darlin'!  so as i was catching up the other day, how fun was it to see one of our own molly moon's coworkers being featured?!  here's eva, looking as charming as ever!

in addition to being a style maven, eva has a pretty great reputation around here.  here are just a few of the nice things her coworkers have to say about her…

  • she is one of the most generous people i know. example: eva has been known to trick her coworkers into grabbing an open table at coffee shops just so she can treat her friend to a hot beverage!
  • she uses the skills she learned at Aveda's school to cut her friend's hair.  she has cut fellow scoopers, Ali Cushing's and Meri Magee's, hair and both look super cute!
  • she just got into yoga school! she's going to start training to be the cutest little yoga instructor you'll ever see!
  • she's the best listener.  she always remembers things you tell her, thus making you feel as though you are always important.
  • she loves to shower everyone with compliments! constantly boosting everyone's self esteem.  ask anyone -- they will vouch for that!
  • she is a great shopping partner, and she really loves gluten free cupcakes. often those two go together.
  • she loves her family a lot!… has nothing but good things to say about them.
for all these reasons and more, i'm so happy eva works at molly moon's, and i so love it when our people get a little spotlight shined on them.  i hope this post makes eva's day -- and makes you readers want to chat just a little longer with her next time she hands you a scoop!

happy thursday, everyone!

p.s. it's my darlin's own mm ice cream sandwiches and the time it's my darlin' caught me playing hooky from the office!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

introducing vegan salted caramel!

It's a new year, and in honor of all the molly moon's fans out there who love ice cream but can't (or don't) do milk, we are announcing our newest dairy-free flavor, vegan salted caramel!
Our classic salted caramel ice cream has always been the fan favorite, and now our dairy-free friends can enjoy it too! The vegan version has had the whole office (who are dairy lovers, by and large) sneaking to the freezer to 'sample' test batches, so we're pretty sure everyone is going to get addicted to our latest coconut-based creation.
How'd we do it? We make a vegan caramel base with organic coconut milk and sugar, and then churn it with more organic coconut milk and sea salt. The first bite or two is coconutty, but then the umami of the salt and caramel just takes over and the coconut takes a backseat. Oh, and there's a little bit of dairy-free love in there too!