Thursday, July 3, 2014

One scoop at a time - Jordan & Kisa

Blogger's note: This post is part of our new series, "Making the World Better One Scoop at a Time" where we highlight all the awesome things our people are doing to make our community, and the world, a better place.

Today we're featuring Jordan (L) and Kisa (R). Kisa is a scooper at our U Village shop, and Jordan's our Queen Anne kitchen manager ...  for just a few more weeks! Jordan got a job as an EMT. We are so sorry to see him go, but thrilled that he's following his dream!

Q&A with Jordan - Queen Anne kitchen manager

: When did you complete your EMT training? What was it like?
Jordan: I completed my training in December of 2013 and passed my NREMT exam shortly after. The course itself was tough, but went by fast. Honestly the hardest part was how fast the class moved and managing study time. It's a lot of bookwork with written tests every day, but you also have to find time (and willing "patients!") to practice your EMT skills. Being able to strip someone's clothes off, give them a head-to-toe physical exam, administer oxygen, and get a set of vital signs in under 90 seconds requires lots of practice. The thing that made it a really great experience was the people. There is a pretty strong sense of camaraderie between you and your classmates because everybody is there going through this really tough and occasionally awkward experience, but you're all doing it because you're the type of person who cares about other people and wants to help make the world safer. The instructors are all phenomenal as well.

mm's: What made you want to go down this road?
Jordan: After I graduated from college I spent a year or two just working and doing whatever else. It was a nice break after spending seven years as an undergraduate and being a full-time cook, but pretty soon I found myself feeling like I was stagnating. My cousin is a firefighter in New Mexico and wouldn't shut up about what a great job it is. After some time I finally decided there was no harm in looking into it. So I started talking to people about it, and reading whatever I could about firefighting as a career, and before long I came to the conclusion that pursuing it was the right next step for me. So I pulled the trigger and started the process by signing up for an EMT certification course and signing up to take the written exam for Seattle Fire.

mm'sWhat are your hopes/dreams for the future?
My dream would be to work for Seattle Fire, but it's a tough gig to land since they are such a great/competitive department. In the mean time my real aim is to get out there, get some experience saving lives, and just take everything as it comes to me.

Q&A with Kisa - scooper in U Village

mm's: Can you tell us a little bit more about your work with  the World Affairs Council in Seattle?
Kisa: I am currently working as a Community Programs Intern - where I mostly handle research, program development and marketing. Through my internship with the World Affairs Council's Community Programs, I am constantly exposed to and given the opportunity to participate in discussions surrounding global current events and debates. In previous years, the WAC has hosted events for individuals such as former U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and PBS NewsHour Senior Correspondent Ray Suarez.

I only recently began my internship, and I already had the pleasure of meeting Taiwan's first female Vice President Annette Lu; and I am currently gearing up for an event featuring Priti Patkar, who is currently the Human Rights Honoree at the 2014 Vital Voices Global Leadership Awards for her efforts to end inter-generational human trafficking in India.

mm's: How did you get involved?
As a dual citizen, I spent most of my summers with my family in Okayama, Japan and attending Seattle Japanese School prior to college - which significantly shaped my yearning to pursue an experience with an international focus. During my time at Washington State University, I studied political science and comparative ethnic studies. I initially learned about this internship through my department, but finally had the courage to apply after graduating. It has so far been an amazing opportunity and I'm so happy to have taken the chance to apply!

mm's: What are your hopes and dreams for the future?
My hopes and dreams?? I am currently in the process of applying/searching for public policy and public administration graduate programs, with an emphasis on social and international policy. Having been born and raised in Seattle, I've lived in quite the politically vocal community - this has undoubtedly influenced my desire to make a positive change on people's lives through the form of public policy.

I'm a people person. I'm approaching my 5th summer with Molly Moon's and I'm pretty sure you guys can't get rid of me for that reason. I love constantly being surrounded by my lovely supportive coworkers and members of the community - and just having a positive or happy impact on someone's day. The coolest part of working at Molly Moon's is that everyone is involved in such awesome organizations/activities/schools/programs - not to mention, exceptionally talented - and we all have an undying support system for each others' endeavors. Can't get enough of it. :)

mm's: Thanks Jordan & Kisa! We're so excited about all the awesome things you're doing!

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