Wednesday, September 23, 2015

fall flavors are here!

Happy Equinox! Now that fall is officially official, our focus has turned to knit scarves and putting hot fudge on everything. Our carefully crafted seasonal flavors turn cozy this month, with the help of warm spices and lots of Theo Chocolate! Pumpkin clove ice cream, made with organic Oregon pumpkins, is just around the corner. And be sure to visit our scoop shops in late fall when new, decadent flavors german chocolate cake ice cream and chocolate peppermint swirl ice cream make their debut!


wild honey ice cream


pumpkin clove ice cream
12 vegan sweet potato
19 raspberry hard cider sorbet


german chocolate cake ice cream
9 cinnamon ice cream
16 vegan salted caramel
23 mulled wine sorbet
30 black currant crème fraîche ice cream


chocolate peppermint swirl ice cream

A very important note on our flavor calendar: while we make every attempt to stick to these dates, we work with small farms & purveyors, so occasionally dates are subject to change due to harvest unpredictability! Keep an eye on our flavors page for updates, or follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for news (and pics!) of each new flavor.

And you can download our summer calendar:

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Unknown said...

Before trying the huckleberry flavor, a wild thought flurried about: mix with Concord grape and find out what happens. Afternoon delight happens.

Linda said...

They sound amazing!