Monday, November 10, 2014

new today: cinnamon ice cream & apple pie sundae

When Molly was a kid, she always wanted a tiny bit of pie with LOTS of ice cream. So every fall we bust out one of our favorite seasonal traditions: the apple pie sundae. This delicious, festive sundae starts with our cinnamon ice cream, warm apple nutmeg compote and a pastry topping (inspired by a perfect, flaky pie crust). And then it gets finished off with our homemade whipped cream and a Chukar cherry! Definitely worth ducking into one of our shops and dipping a spoon into this sundae on a blustery day. Available now through November 30.

The great thing about cinnamon ice cream this time of year is that goes with almost any kind of pie. (Seriously … pumpkin, pecan, peach, apple, you name it!) This year we’re excited to be using Red Ape Cinnamon. Red Ape, based in Eugene, Oregon, imports high quality, organic, kosher cinnamon from small farms in Western Sumatra, Indonesia. They also donate a portion of their proceeds to help orangutans and their habitat. We've got scoops and pints available now through December 14.

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