Monday, January 6, 2014

We are so excited to announce a sweet little partnership in the sweetest little shop: Hello Robin! If you haven't heard the story, it goes a little something like this: Molly Moon's friend & neighbor, Robin Wehl Martin is  a heckuva cookie baker. She used to bake for fun after her kids went to bed and kept leaving cookies on Molly's porch late at night. One night, when Molly and her husband, Zack, were having a Robin-cookie craving, Zack texted Robin and asked her if she would just open a cookie shop up the street already! Robin said "Omg! Yes!! Does it also sell ice cream?" And a delicious partnership was born.
Hello Robin is now open in North Capitol Hill on 19th and Mercer, serving adventurous and crave-worthy cookie flavors like Habanero Orange Chocolate Chip (Molly's favorite), Mexican Chocolate Flourless (Zack's fave), traditionals like Classic Chocolate Chip and Molasses and of-the-moment creations of Robin's whims like the Mackles'more and a New Year cookie last week that had 5 beans on top for good luck!  And the best part?  You can choose ANY two of Robin's cookies to be sandwiched around popular flavors of our ice cream for ice cream sammies to die for!
Hello Robin is open from 7 a.m. (with delicious pour-over coffee drinks, homemade granola, and savory stratas to fill your belly) to 9 p.m. every day. The shop also has pints of Molly Moon's ice cream, favorite toppings (like our Deep, Dark Hot Fudge) and the Molly Moon's Cookbook! On May 1st, we'll open a micro shop inside of Hello Robin (à la our Madrona shop) where we'll be serving the full Molly Moon's menu from a walk-up window.
We're oh-so excited for spring ... until then can we get you a sandwich made with the best ice cream & cookies around?
p.s. Big thanks to Sarah Flotard for the cute photo!

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