Thursday, February 6, 2014

look who!

while i try to keep up with local news -- political, social, and otherwise -- i have been remiss for months  in not keeping up on one of my favorite bits of local fashion news -- it's my darlin'!  so as i was catching up the other day, how fun was it to see one of our own molly moon's coworkers being featured?!  here's eva, looking as charming as ever!

in addition to being a style maven, eva has a pretty great reputation around here.  here are just a few of the nice things her coworkers have to say about her…

  • she is one of the most generous people i know. example: eva has been known to trick her coworkers into grabbing an open table at coffee shops just so she can treat her friend to a hot beverage!
  • she uses the skills she learned at Aveda's school to cut her friend's hair.  she has cut fellow scoopers, Ali Cushing's and Meri Magee's, hair and both look super cute!
  • she just got into yoga school! she's going to start training to be the cutest little yoga instructor you'll ever see!
  • she's the best listener.  she always remembers things you tell her, thus making you feel as though you are always important.
  • she loves to shower everyone with compliments! constantly boosting everyone's self esteem.  ask anyone -- they will vouch for that!
  • she is a great shopping partner, and she really loves gluten free cupcakes. often those two go together.
  • she loves her family a lot!… has nothing but good things to say about them.
for all these reasons and more, i'm so happy eva works at molly moon's, and i so love it when our people get a little spotlight shined on them.  i hope this post makes eva's day -- and makes you readers want to chat just a little longer with her next time she hands you a scoop!

happy thursday, everyone!

p.s. it's my darlin's own mm ice cream sandwiches and the time it's my darlin' caught me playing hooky from the office!

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