Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Mixtape series No. 1: meet Andy P

Music has always been a big part of the Molly Moon’s experience. While the intoxicating scent of warm waffle cones and the tasty seasonal flavor menu are uniform across all Molly Moon’s locations, each shop has its own unique vibe, thanks in large part to the friendly staff behind the counter in every neighborhood - which is why our scoopers make every playlist you hear in our shops.

Today, we’re sharing the first of many amazing playlists created by Molly Moon’s employees,
Andy P Presents: Cool Ladies

Andy works in our Capitol Hill shop and we love his music picks because not only does he have a true talent for matching tunes to mood, he picks songs that are unexpected – some vintage, some obscure, and some beloved modern hits. This playlist is as much a mood booster as it is an impressive women-in-music history lesson.

Cool Ladies is almost seven hours’ worth of slick tunes from female artists with powerful voices and a relaxed vibe, including the likes of Eartha Kitt and Janelle Monàe. Andy explains, “These ladies are ‘cool’ because of the mood they convey. They’re not just cool, like ‘hip,’ or ‘rad,’ but more like a breeze, or a soft rain that washes over you. All of these songs are just chill.”

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