Thursday, May 21, 2015

let's talk ginger beer and ice cream!

Please excuse us while we swoon over Rachel Marshall of Rachel's Ginger Beer a bit. We love her hair, we love that she's a smart woman who started her own business, and we love her ginger beer! Rachel has been making from-scratch ginger beer in Seattle using fresh ginger root, freshly squeezed lemons and organic sugar since 2011. She's just so talented and friendly and cool.

Last year we started experimenting with making sorbets out of Rachel's Ginger Beer. We started with RGB sorbet, based on Rachel's classic RGB flavor that's pretty much just ginger, lemon and sugar. And since Rachel uses all kinds of seasonal produce to flavor her brew, we made another delicious sorbet earlier this year with blood orange RGB

We're so excited to be scooping the classic RGB sorbet again! It's fast becoming a spring tradition around here, so in celebration of this excellent partnership, the MM's marketing team got Molly and Rachel together for a little chat. They took a stroll from Molly Moon's Capitol Hill headquarters to Rachel's shop in Pike Place Market, and we hoped they'd talk about their general awesomeness and the culture of women business owners in Seattle. But it didn't quite turn out that way:

"I don’t know if we can talk about the women-in-business thing in the abstract," Molly said.  
"Yeah, that's hard," Rachel added with a laugh.

But these two have lots in common, and they still had a super real conversation about everything from their shared connections in the community ... to parenting a fast-crawling kid.

Rachel: Remember when you said February was blowing out all the knees on her pants?
Molly: Yes!
Rachel: It’s totally happening with Wyatt now!

Molly: Someone told me your mom is amazing ... my banker! My banker is in love with your mother! 
Rachel: Oh, that's so sweet!

They talked about the challenges of growing a business, and swapped funny stories from the past. 

Rachel: I once got fired for wearing Birkenstocks to work.
Molly: No! I got fired from my college ice cream shop job. I got fired for being too bossy – look how that turned out!

It was so fun to get these two together. Rachel and Molly are both working moms who are passionate about creating delicious products from great ingredients, and building community gathering places in Seattle.

Rachel is getting ready to open a new spot on Capitol Hill just a few blocks from our Pine Street shop. We are excited to have her in our own 'hood and to see what the future holds for Molly Moon's and Rachel's Ginger Beer.

So far, combining Molly Moon's and RGB has had some pretty delicious results. Rachel's all-time favorite Molly Moon's treat is a hand-packed pint of blood orange RGB sorbet and vanilla bean ice cream. "It's like having an Orange Julius," Rachel told us, "It's f***ing awesome."

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