Monday, December 22, 2008

decisions, decisions. new flavors for a new year.

hi all!  i've posted a poll on the right with some flavors i'm thinking about making in the new year.  please vote and let us know what you're most excited about.  if you don't see something that entices your tastebuds, comment here with a flavor suggestion.




Katie said...

molly! i just tasted some of your creations for a birthday party last night: i was skeptical about both the balsamic strawberry and honey lavender, but they blew my mind. you know what you are doing, that much is clear!

I've never been to your store, so I don't know what other flavors you offer/have offered, but I'm a huge fan of anything with a cinnamon ice cream base. also, i was just in italy this fall and had a gellato called "primiti sesamo" which was the best thing I've ever tasted: sesame seeds, light chocolate flavor, and some chunks of other stuff (i have no clue what it was)...i had never thought of sesame seeds in ice cream, but wow!

keep up the good work.

kevin said... licorice. no need to think. really. come on people.

Will Parker said...

Habanero Lime Sorbet? Sweet citrus with some heat is always fun.

Kim said...

Maple bacon...drool. After trying the maple bacon bar at Voodoo Donuts in Portland, I was a little worried. The donut did not blow me away like I had hoped. Your ice cream on the other hand. Wow. WOW. What are you? Some kind of magical ice cream genius?

Jen said...

PLEASE make peanut butter. For the love of god.

Andrea said...

While I usually tell people that my favorite ice cream flavors are mint oreo or chocolate peanut butter, my all-time-favorite is actually Basil, from Mallard in Bellingham. If you could create a Basil Ice Cream that was available less than 84.1 miles from where I live, I would be eternally grateful.

emily said...

1. HAZELNUT!!!!!! maybe with some chuncky stuff (such as waffle cones or something). mmm, im already drooling!

2. i really like the green tea flavor that you have. maybe try some other kind of tea flavors?

3. berries are always great too! :)

4. last but not least, mille feuille!!!!!!! i had it in rome once, and it was a taste of heaven!!!!