Thursday, January 8, 2009

calling all girl scouts

UPDATE: wow girls!  you acted fast and we've bought all the girl scout cookies we'll need for the year.  thanks to all of you who came in and i hope lots of you make it to camp this summer and have a great year with your troops! -mm

For Immediate Release

All Local Scouts Encouraged to Sell to the Wallingford Ice Cream Shop 

SEATTLE, Thursday, Jan. 8, 2009 – Molly Moon’s Homemade Ice Cream is seeking Thin Mint cookies from Western Washington’s Girl Scouts for its signature Scout Mint ice cream. Beginning tomorrow, Jan. 9, Girl Scouts of Western Washington will be taking cookie orders from their families and friends.

In order for Molly Moon to keep both of her shops stocked through out 2009 with Scout Mint, she will need at least 4,000 boxes of the thin, minty, chocolate-covered wafers that make this ice cream flavor so popular. All local scouts are encouraged to stop by Molly Moon's Wallingford shop and sell her a box or two.

Molly Moon’s second retail location is slated to open in Spring of 2009, bringing Molly’s signature combination of sweet, creamy, hormone free dairy and locally-sourced ingredients to the Pike-Pine Triangle located in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood.


Dealing with it said...

Thanks for supporting the Girl Scouts, Molly!
Our girls really appreciate it.
You should see the smiles when they leave your shop.

Pat said...

This is very nice. Is it still an open offer? I've already heard from a Girl Scout who went in and was told "sorry honey, but we’ve already purchased all the boxes of Girl Scout cookies we will need."

Zested said...

I am so excited! I heard about your ice cream just today...Mt St Helens Vietnam Band and it sounds delicious!