Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Labor of love: pushing for progress with family leave

We were so thrilled to host Secretary of Labor Tom Perez today, but more importantly we're thrilled to announce that molly moon's now pays 100% of wages to employees taking maternity leave for 12 weeks and 70% of wages for paternity and family/medical leave. We're so excited to be expanding our benefits to include a family and medical leave policy that is good for our people and strengthens our community!

The Secretary's visit was part of Lead on Leave - a joint project between The White House and the US Labor Department to look at best practices around paid leave and how flexibility in the workplace benefits employees, families and businesses. Seattle was the first stop on the tour, and Secretary Perez met with Molly, Mayor Ed Murray, City Councilmember Jean Godden and other local business owners and workers. And of course, the Secretary got to enjoy some strawberry ice cream before he left!

We're excited about paid family leave because it's great for our employees, and great for our business -- it helps us recruit and hold on to the awesome people who work here. Mooncrew!

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Anonymous said...

So awesome! Love supporting a business like this!