Thursday, April 17, 2014

oh hello, adorable ice cream maker!

you guys!  it's happened again! the it's my darlin' spotlight has shone upon another member of our delightful molly moon's family!

it's heather -- our newest ice cream maker in the capitol hill kitchen.  as i type, heather is zesting her 70th (that's right!) lime of the day for our lime cardamom fro-yo. heather is a smiling, sweet addition to our team this year. we snagged her after an intense education at the CIA in Hyde Park and are just loving having another talented chef around!

i love heather's rainy-day look that caught the eye of Dana from it's my darlin', but i'm ready for these April showers to turn to May flowers, how about you guys?? and for gentlemen who may be interested, Heather's favorite flower is orange blossom. you know... just so you know!

happy thursday, all!

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