Saturday, August 24, 2013

getting neighborly in wallingford, the original molly moon's 'hood

neighborly! wallingfor walk-about

We happen to think Wallingford is one of Seattle’s greatest neighborhoods. Sandwiched between the hopping University District, zany Fremont and mellow North Seattle, Wallingford is a unique walking community full of cool shops and cute kids. That’s why, when Molly Moon embarked on this crazy ice cream adventure five years ago, she picked Wallingford as the perfect home for her very first shop. If you take a walk in Wallingford, it’s hard not to find cool stuff (see above!), neat businesses and friendly people. One of our fave neighbors is Mike the Milkshake Guy, a music teacher who works nearby and comes into Molly Moon’s for a thick Melted Chocolate milkshake (no straw, just a spoon) so often that the staff worries about him if they don’t see him for a while. Other regulars range from a couple of octoganarians who love hot fudge on Vegan Coconut Chunk, to kids just getting out of school. It's a popular place for UW students having a casual date, and a great place to come grab a cone (or a thick chocolate shake) and take a stroll...

what's in season at molly moon's
what's in season

In addition to our ten always flavors, we're also scooping up some seasonal yumminess in the form of (left to right) watermelon mint sorbet, fig ice cream, peach blondie and vegan coconut chunk.
watermelon mint sorbet, a luscious melon sorbet (made with Washington watermelons!) is one of our favorite ways to end the summer - keeping things simple and fresh ... and then there's fig ice cream (available Monday!) - the black figs we’re using for this flavor have a soft berry-like flavor with a dash of earthiness. Figs naturally pair well with vanilla and anything rich. Yep, with a 19% butterfat content, our ice cream definitley counts as rich ... peach blondie is a great late-summer treat of  vanilla ice cream with peach compote and chunks of fresh-baked blondie bars mixed in ... vegan coconut chunk is a vegan delight made with organic coconut milk, organic coconut flakes and chunks of Theo chocolate.

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