Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hunger Action Week - March 19-24!

Our friend, the United Way of King County, is shining a bright light on hunger and they're asking everyone to think about their relationship to food.   Who has food, who doesn’t, where does your food come from.  We’re encouraging people to sign up on their website (www.uwkc.org/hunger) to stand with them during Hunger Action Week on March 19-24.  When you do you’ll learn about ways you can get involved locally and you’ll be part of a movement that is helping to assure that everyone in our community is able to put nourishing food on the table.

How you can help:  Sign up for Hunger Action Week.  Volunteer for local hunger relief, help them get a Food Security Count, learn more about the Hunger Relief Now! Plan, host a dinner party or potluck with friends and family using foods typically found at a food bank, or ask guests to bring non-perishable items to donate to your local food bank. If you plan on hosting a food drive, contact your local food bank to see what they need and when you can deliver it.  If you’re participating in the Hunger Challenge, write about it and sharing your story with us at npeters@uwkc.org, and consider donating what you save this week on food.

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Jamie said...

Hope to see you participating again this year! Hunger Action Week is almost here