Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Be Thankful for Oregon Cranberry Farmers!

Add some zip and a little zing to your holiday dessert line-up with our latest reincarnation of your favorite holiday flavors: Cranberry Ginger Sorbet. Organic crystallized ginger and Northwest-grown cranberries make this treat a guilt-free choice this season.

Molly Moon’s is proud to be sourcing our cranberries from the Russell Cranberry Company in Bandon, Oregon. The Russells operate a traditional, fourth generation family farm, and have been growing cranberries in the region since the 1930s.

What started with Vance Russell and his half-acre of land has expanded over the generations, now consisting of over 90 acres of farmland, producing a rich, red, blanket of berries near the Oregon coast every fall.

We admire the Russells dedication to their family and community, stand behind their growing practices, and applaud their commitment to water conservation and sustainability.
Join us in celebrating their efforts by enjoying a scoop of our Cranberry Ginger Sorbet this Turkey Day. Better yet, for an interesting twist that’s sure to perk up your relatives, grace your Thanksgiving table with a pint to pass in lieu of cranberry sauce!

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