Friday, March 5, 2010

ice cream truck drivers

thank you Seattle Magazine for mentioning that we are launching the Molly Moon's ice cream truck soon! AND for mentioning that we need to hire some REALLY responsible and REALLY fun drivers! i will be posting a job description soon. but if you think you are super responsible, good with money handling, great at customer service, and have a totally clean driving record, we'd love your resume emailed to jobs (at)

we can't wait to hand you a scoop in YOUR OWN neighborhood!!!



Tammy said...

Awesome news ... can only hope that you'll deliver as far north as Mill Creek! ;)

Chadd said...

Downtown this summer...pretty please!

Grace said...

Have you posted a job description yet?

Tara said...

Ahhhh. I'm from Missoula, Montana and just discovered you. I lament over Big Dipper daily. I haven't tried you yet but I'm frothing at the mouth to!!!! Do you have a Facebook Page. I'm so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anne said...

The ice-cream truck is getting back to my life! is it a dream? it's like to be a kid again...but after all the ice creams.. sure not weight like one :)

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