Friday, July 11, 2014

One scoop at a time - Eric & Jesse

Blogger's note: This post is part of our summer series, "Making the World Better One Scoop at a Time" where we highlight all the awesome things our people are doing to make our community, and the world, a better place.

Today we're featuring Eric (L) and Jesse (R). These two both have mad talent when it comes to things like music & writing, and have found really cool ways to share their talents with others. 

Q&A with Eric - Shop Manager, Capitol Hill and 19th & Mercer

mm's: So in addition to running two of our shops and being a rock star, you also volunteer for 826 Seattle, a non-profit writing & tutoring center. What kind of volunteer work do you do?
Eric: I help out with Poetry and Songwriting club. Mostly this consists of providing musical accompaniment and creative guidance to micro-geniuses.

: How long have you been doing it?
Eric: Just wrapping up my second year.

: Why do you feel like it’s important work?
Eric: Facilitating and encouraging creative expression outside of a school context is so, so important. Having talented adults engage seriously with their work enables kids to take themselves seriously as well. Watching the kids grow more sophisticated and brave is a joy and good for the universe.

mm's: What are your hopes and dreams for your future?
Eric: I'll keep volunteering as long as they'll have me!

Q&A with Jesse - Scooper, Capitol Hill and 19th & Mercer 

mm's: Word on the street is you’re a peer writing tutor at Seattle Central Community College - that’s so cool! Can you tell us more?
Jesse: Writing tutoring uses a non-directive pedagogy that empowers writers to become their own best editors -- so rather than grading & lecturing students, I sit with them one-on-one and work out techniques they can use to tackle writing projects based on their individual needs.

mm's: What kind of writing do you teach?
Jesse: Working at SCCC is great since I get to work with so many international students, which challenges me to improve my own tutoring practice in terms of basics like articulating grammar rules and the English language's obsession with when things happen. Mostly I work with students at a pretty introductory level of academic writing; occasionally I'll get to help with a personal narrative or even a story, but primarily I work on thesis-based assignments that argue a complex issue. I talk a lot about specific nouns, syntactical issues, and -- my favorite -- active verbs. My specialties are cover letters and resumes, which I unfortunately don't get to work on at SCCC. But I am available freelance ;).

: How did you get into tutoring?
Jesse: I've been tutoring writing for almost four years, and I worked as the Assistant Director at the UNC Asheville writing center, where I also earned an honors B.A. in creative writing and social sciences. I began tutoring as my work study job at the recommendation of a fellow creative writing student, and my mash-up of food service and research experience made for an illustrious match in writing tutoring.

mm's: What are your hopes and dreams for your future?

Jesse: I see myself continuing to tutor writing. Unfortunately, these jobs are pretty saturated with folks who can afford to stay in school indefinitely, and many public universities only have the budget to hire from within their own ranks. I'm glad to be continuing my practice, but have found that supplementing my income with a fun, writing-unrelated job (like scooping!) helps me keep my anxieties about grad school etc. at bay. My fabulous cohort of SCCC students help too. I've never worked with such a diverse population, and it's invigorating to see the amazing work that they crank out.

mm's: Thanks Eric & Jesse! We think it's so great that you're out there sharing your talent and making the world better, one scoop at a time!

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