Wednesday, September 9, 2015

wallingford: cheap date, sweet date

This is the second installment in our Cheap Date, Sweet Date series! We've recruited a variety of Seattleites - our friends, neighbors and even some members of the #mooncrew - to show how combining a cheap, fun activity with a trip to the ice cream shop makes for the very best kind of date!

Wallingford is full of color and quirk. It’s the neighborhood where Molly opened her first ice cream shop back in 2008, and it’s still one of the best parts of Seattle to explore on foot, ice cream cone in hand. So we asked the lovely Janell (a former molly moon’s scooper!) and her husband, Warren to spend an afternoon to do just that and report back to us. Here’s Janell and Warren’s recipe for the ultimate Cheap Date, Sweet Date in Wallingford:

First Course: the photo booth at Archie McPhee

Janell: Even though I used to work at the Wallingford molly moon’s, this actually was my first time visiting Archie McPhee. I will definitely be back. It's not just for kids, it's for adults too!

Warren: I love this store mostly because it's full of the prizes you could win by trading in tickets at the arcade. Take that arcades!

Second Course: sushi for lunch at Kozue

Janell: The best sushi I've ever had. What a delightful experience.

Warren: Everything was delicious and beautifully presented. Gonna keep this spot in mind in the future for sure.

Third Course: ice cream at molly moon’s and a walk to Meridian Playground

Janell: I got strawberry with sprinkles. Molly's traditional flavors are my favorite.

Warren: I got chocolate and the seasonal peach with cookies, I don't remember what it was called but it was bonkers yummy. [Thanks Warren! That woulda been orchard blondie, one of our late summer flavors!] 

Janell and Warren took their ice cream and wandered over to Meridian Playground and park (just three blocks East and two blocks North of the shop). Its low stone walls provided the perfect perch for Janell and Warren to share a laugh and enjoy there ice cream.

Photography by Ellie Arciaga Lillstrom.