Friday, August 7, 2015

summer nights with BFA

As evenings get a bit shorter  it seems like a good time to slow down and take a walk. Maybe grab an ice cream cone and catch up with your friends. Or your Brothers.

We recently hit the streets of Capitol Hill with Brothers from Another, the Seattle hip-hop group that wrote the dreamiest ice cream anthem, ever. When we first heard BFA's song, "Molly Moon's" come over our speakers, everyone in the molly moon's office literally got up and started jumping around and dancing. From that day on, we've been in love with BFA and their most wholesome single ever!

Isaiah, Beeba and Cole joined us for some ice cream and chatted about music, summer and life:

mm: OK, Guys: three years on, how do you feel about your single 'Molly Moon's'?

Isaiah: Still one of my favorite songs. It's just associated with such a good summer and lots of ice cream.

Beeba: A Seattle summer classic.

Cole: I associate that song with nothing but positive vibes & good people. Hearing it always puts me in a good mood. Hopefully that goes for others that listen to it as well.

mm: So what songs are on your personal summer soundtrack?

Isaiah: Will Smith "Summer Time"

Beeba: Rock The Boat by Aaliyah, Peaches N Cream by Snoop Dogg & Girlfriend by NSYNC

Cole: Leon On by Mo, So Good by Tuxedo, Every Little Step by Bobby Brown

And now for the big question: favorite ice cream flavor? 

Isaiah: Oh man when Cherry Chunk is in season

Beeba: Green Tea

Cole: Scout Mint!

Big thanks to Brothers from Another for letting us tag along and rocking our new gear. Check out their new album, This Summer, and give it a listen on SoundCloud.

Look like a Brother:
Beeba and Cole's 'ice cream' sweatshirt
Isaiah's Parker tee
Beeba's hat pins

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