Wednesday, October 29, 2014

biking to work!

so i almost don’t want to say this out loud ... but i started biking to work this summer... and i love it.

the thing is — and why i’m a little nervous about shouting this from the rooftops — is that i know myself, and i know that i'm not great at sticking to a new program like biking to work. so i'm just telling myself that i'm riding my bike to work, when it works for me. i’m not going to get crazy and bike to work in the rain. i'm not quite ready to commit to installing a baby seat to take my daughter, February, to preschool and then head to work. i'm just going to do it on days when it feels fun and easy, at least to start.

but when i do bike to work, it's such an awesome part of my day. i get very little alone time these days, having a busy job, a busy one-year-old, and trying to sneak in date nights and friend time. so riding my bike to work has been a great way to calm my brain, and get a little bit of exercise. (since February was born, i'm still trying to find a way to get other workouts in. how is it possible that i've only been able to make it to two yoga classes in the last year?!)

but like with any new workout activity, i know that buying myself a cute thing or two will make me more excited to do it. that might be shallow, but i'm just being real about it! so i bought this gorgeous Linus Dutchi 8 bike in the beautiful vanilla color and i'm loving it.

and then, as another little cherry on top, how cute is this Timbuk2 bag? i’d always thought Timbuk2 was just a manly San Francisco messenger bike bag (and I totally had one when I went through a bit of a RiotGrrrl phase). but they are really coming out with some more feminine fabrics and designs, like this one. i would recommend checking out their new downtown Seattle store - it's well designed, and they've got a bunch more bags than just the traditional messenger.

so do you bike to work? how do you do it? what motivates you? what makes it easy? do you have any other tips for fitting in alone time or workouts for new moms? i'm dying to hear ...

♥ molly moon

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