Friday, September 12, 2014

Help us save the bee!

There’s something so sweet & simple about good honey and cream together! We are buzzing over our newest seasonal flavor, wild honey. We started with some really delicious wildflower honey from Shipwreck Honey in West Seattle. Daniel Sullivan, owner and beekeeper of Shipwreck, says the secret is keeping the bees happy and giving them space to do their thing. “Happy bees is a happy honey,” he says.

Happy, healthy bees are hugely important to the health of the planet. For instance, bees pollinate SO many of the foods we eat – from fruits and vegetables, to coconut and coffee plants. There’s been a lot of buzz about something called colony collapse disorder. We don't know exactly what's causing the disappearance of honey bees, but we do know that we need to find a way to help them out.

We are partnering with GloryBee to support their Save the Bee campaign. Funds raised for this campaign go directly to the Oregon State University Honey Bee Lab, where researchers study bee health and bee nutrition.

Come in today for a scoop of honey ice cream (or any flavor!) – we’ll be donating all the profits from today’s sales to help save the bees!

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