Thursday, February 20, 2014

Who doesn't love hot fudge? As you probably already know, our deep, dark homemade hot fudge, is made with local, organic cream, organic cocoa, and just enough organic butter to make it absolutely crave-worthy.  And even though our fudge is delicious on its own, hot fudge makes EVERYTHING better!  How do you like it?

Use the hashtag #hotlikefudge and tell us your favorite way to enjoy the molten, messy goodness!  Follow us on Instagram (or Facebook or Twitter) & use this tag to share your favorite way to enjoy hot fudge! Since our staff is super savvy about these things (and pretty #hotlikefudge themselves) we asked them to pitch in their fave ways to enjoy this cozy treat to get you started!

They love hot fudge ...

• with salted caramel & stumptown coffee
                - Eric, our Capitol Hill shop manager.
• on top of the whipped cream on your sundae
                - Lauren in Wallingford got this tip from a customer (she says it's messy but good!)
• with sorbet (and it's especially delicious on our current sorbet - kumquat!)
                - Ian, our head chef
• on the side of an ice cream sammy, for dippin'
                - Sky, our Madrona shop manager (she also loves it in a 'scout' mint milkshake!)
• with 'scout' mint & thin mint crumble
                - Ashlyn, our U Village shop manager
• a jar of our take-home hot fudge used as a dipping sauce on a banana for breakfast
                - Molly Moon herself, especially when she was pregnant!

...and naturally, with hot fudge's BFF salted caramel! Try Molly's Favorite Sundae (salted caramel & melted chocolate with hot fudge, candied hazelnuts, whipped cream & a cherry) for the perfect balance of salty/sweet!

Time to get #hotlikefudge! You in?

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