Thursday, September 26, 2013

Fall flavors – like pumpkin, apple and cinnamon, to name a few – have become as much a part of autumn as changing leaves, crisp air and happy football fans. But for all of us at molly moon’s, seasonality goes way beyond staying on trend and trying to make something that kinda tastes like your favorite Thanksgiving dessert. We work hard to find the very best of what's in season so we can get the highest quality ingredients and most luscious flavors for our ice creams. We’re excited to be working with Stahlbush Island Farms in Oregon’s Willamette Valley again this year. They are supplying the pumpkin for our now-classic pumpkin clove ice cream. We’ve been on the hunt for Eastern Washington’s finest organic pears, and tracking down elderflower for a brand-new flavor (keep an eye out for that one in November!) When we had trouble finding local crème fraîche we decided to make our own with cream and buttermilk from Washington cows.

We can’t give away the season’s entire roster of flavors just yet, but rest assured that each one will be inspired by – and sourced directly from – the Great Northwest. Or, as we like to think of it, one big, backyard garden.

time to get fresh - what's in season at molly moon's

(left to right) port fig sorbet was inspired by all the great wines and spirits coming out of Washington right now, and features black figs poached in Whidbeys Port ... blackberry bergamot is made with local blackberries from Remlinger Farms, this flavor was born of Molly's love of quirky flavor combos and alliteration ... fig ice cream is a winner because figs naturally pair with vanilla and anything rich, so we just had to mix 'em in with our 19% butterfat ice cream!

And yep ... we're still scooping vegan coconut chunk! This creamy vegan delight (made with organic coconut milk, organic coconut flakes and chunks of Theo chocolate) is so wildly popular that we just can't bear to take it off the menu.

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