Friday, February 24, 2012

Anthony is Awesome!

We received the following email from one of our customers earlier this week. And, as you can imagine, we love reading emails like this! Providing guests with excellent service is a huge part of the Molly Moon's experience we love creating. Three cheers for Anthony our ice cream scooper-extraordinaire! 


My name is Crystal and I am a frequent customer of Molly Moons (my seem to be tighter fitting jeans can attest to that!). I have a daughter allergic to dairy and nuts. Last Thursday, I was relieved when my daughter sampled the honey rose sorbet and liked it because it was the only flavor that she could eat. I said something about it out loud and Anthony asked if she was allergic to dairy. He proceeded to get her a scoop of ice cream from the back with a new scooper to ensure that there wasn't any cross contamination. Anthony was so gracious about keeping my daughter safe! He informed me that this was a policy of Molly Moons and that I shouldn't feel bad about asking employees to do this in the future. He also reassured me that most items are nut free (not processed on the same machinery). I was so appreciative of his help and his overall kindness about my daughter's severe allergies. There are some businesses that can be rude about it and it was very refreshing to have someone so understanding help us out.

We also visited tonight and even with how busy it was at the time, Anthony kindly got my daughter some sorbet from the back.

I've thanked him a bunch when I was there, but please pass on my appreciation for his customer service.

Lastly, a huge thank you for having this policy to keep people with allergies safe.

Thank you very much,

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