Friday, July 1, 2011


Miss Moon is looking for an assistant. Could that be you? Please take a look at the job description below, and if interested, email your resume and cover letter to by no later than Wednesday, July 6!

Assistant to Molly Moon job description
I am looking for a hard working individual who can be dedicated to helping my company succeed and helping me use my time and role more efficiently. I am seeking applicants who are looking to work very hard, learn a lot, and integrate themselves into a fun, fast-paced team. This person will need to be on-call much of the time, mostly during Monday through Friday business hours, but there may be very occasional weekend and evening duties. This person will work from a combination of their own home, cafes, my ice cream shops, and my home office and will value the flexibility and diverse experiences that this job offers. This job could be between 10 and 25 hours/week depending on how invaluable you become to me. 25 hours/week qualifies you for free health care.

Duties may include:
• Reading and prioritizing my email, responding to some
• Helping to schedule meetings and manage my calendar
• Running errands for the company for unique supplies, ingredients, or d├ęcor items
• Internet and phone research on subjects like:
o technical solutions for me or the company
o locations and neighborhoods
o printing or production options for merchandise or marketing materials
o directions
• Coordinating graphic designers and merchandise vendors
• Occassionally facebooking and/or tweeting for the company
• Occasionally picking up or walking my dog, Parker Posey, the Frenchie-Boston mix who is the company logo

• Charisma and confidence
• Impeccable writing skills
• Impressive people skills
• Absolutely trustworthy
• The ability to, once trained and aware of my priorities, “manage up” to help me accomplish my weekly goals
• Proficiency with Apple computers, iCal, MobileMe, Google mail, and excel, and Willingness to learn new technologies as they may become useful
• Owns a car and is willing to run errands for the company and the occasional personal errand
• Likes dogs
• Likes kids

Preferred but not required:
• A college degree
• Can drive a manual transmission car (for the rare cases when I need you to drive my car)

• $13/hour, with merit based raises possible and automatic annual cost of living raises
Please send a current resume and cover letter to by Wednesday, July 6th.

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Rory said...

I know that I am a couple of weeks late. Has the position been filled?