Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Meyer Lemons Are Almost Here!

Winter's Meyer lemon harvest is almost underway, and we couldn't be more excited! These super sweet cousins of the common lemon are one of our favorite things to mix into our ice creams, sorbets, and toppings.

We get ours from Lemon Ladies Orchard in Emerald Hills, CA. The orchard is made up of forty trees, each one named for a lady who has inspired owner Karen Morss, and nurtured with "organic citrus fertilizer, plenty of sunshine, water, and love."

While our lemons ripen on the branch down in California, we're busy coming up with ideas for how to use them. Meyers' fresh citrusy flavor is strong enough to stand on its own, and pairs perfectly with other ingredients as well. In the past, we've used them to create some truly delicious treats, such as Meyer Lemon Sorbet, Rosemary Meyer Lemon Ice Cream, and Meyer lemon glaze.

We are hoping Meyer lemons will be returning to our menu at the end of this month, but check out this cute video from the orchard, below. Then, stop by one of our shops or our truck - parked all January long at 2231 Queen Anne Avenue North - and give them a try!

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