Monday, November 1, 2010

Molly Moon's 101

Let's face it: summer is over. It's that other gorgeous time of the year here in the Pacific Northwest when we get cozy and dawn our softest sweaters. But with the end of summer comes digging back into schoolbooks and I've been thinking about teaching a few Molly Moon's-themed lessons to all who are willing to indulge me. I've titled the class Molly Moon's 101 and hope you will find the information not only helpful, but delicious!

Lesson #1: We encourage you to taste our flavors before making your final selection! We know how hard it is to decide between Scout Mint and Vivace Coffee, especially if you've never experienced their creamy goodness before. So taste away!

Lesson #2: You don't have to stand in line when stopping by our shops to purchase a pint or two. Whether you're there with friends, family or complete strangers, standing in line at Molly Moon's is part of the experience. You are there because you love ice cream and often you will find yourself chatting with those around you about why Salted Caramel is your favorite flavor. You've created a community and we love it! We understand, though, that sometimes you only have a few minutes of your time to share with us. If it's one of those days; simply pop in the shop, head to the freezer, pick up your pint and head straight to the front of the line. Those in line won't mind and you'll still smell like our wonderful waffle cones when you leave.

Lesson #3: Hopefully you're sitting down for this one... Molly Moon's has a Pint of the Month Club! For $50 we will give you a Pint of the Month Club card that you will bring with you on your monthly visit to either of our two shops -- one of our scoopers will punch your card and you will take home a pint of your choice! This is a much cooler version (no pun intended) of the jelly of the month club that everyone on your shopping list will love!

Lesson #4: Molly Moon's has an online shop! While we're best known for our delicious ice cream, we also sell cute tees and novelty items including Molly Moon's delicious lip balms. Also sold in our online shop are Molly Moon's gift cards in $5, $10, $20, $25, $30 and $50 amounts. There's something perfect for everyone in your family, school or office!

Lesson #5: You can follow Leo, the Molly Moon's ice cream truck on Twitter via! Also, did you know that Leo will come to you? Leo loves a good party and we would love to create an amazing ice cream experience at your next event! We are happily running our ice cream truck all winter, so follow us and come grab a hot fudge sundae soon!

I think that's all for now, and again, I hope you found the lessons helpful and fun! Stay tuned for more of my musings and news on all things Molly Moon's!

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Jenifer said...

Thanks for those, they are good to know!! Also with fall and winter comes the Girl Scout cookie sales. Will you be purchasing from local girls again this year?