Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Molly Moon’s Homemade Ice Cream is looking for a smart, hard-working, self-motivated, friendly person to join the ice cream making team. This job beats the pants off other jobs! Ice Cream Makers at Molly Moon’s participate in new flavor creation and don’t need to know how to make ice cream to start. Molly Moon’s is an independent ice cream company creating and serving locavore ice cream and sorbets using organic and natural ingredients grown in the Pacific Northwest whenever possible. On an average day, our ice cream makers are grooving to their own music while churning out large batches of ice cream and working as part of a team to come up with new flavors and sundaes. MM’s serves kids, friends & families in Wallingford and Capitol Hill’s Pike/Pine corridor.

The Specifics:

Wallingford Kitchen Manager Job Description 40 hours/week, $13 - $15/hr

This position includes, but is not limited to the following responsibilities:

  • working 4 of 5 shifts a week at the Wallingford location and 1 shift a week (Mondays) at the Capitol Hill location
  • attending and contributing to weekly Leadership team meetings (Mondays, 11am, Capitol Hill)
  • arranging and ordering of ice cream base 2-3 times a week
  • arranging and ordering pints, ingredients, and supplies from Capitol Hill 3 times a week
  • approximately 30 hours of ice cream making per week, fulfilling and exceeding all of the ice cream maker responsibilities and qualifications (listed below)
  • approximately 10 hours completing administrative tasks and responsibilities associated with the Wallingford kitchen
  • having a thorough understanding of Molly Moon’s brand, products, ingredients, and values
  • extensive communication and contact with Molly Moon’s Kitchens Manager and Wallingford Shop Manager

This position necessitates someone who is:

  • invested in gaining culinary and gastronomic knowledge
  • extremely detail oriented
  • able to lead and be a role model
  • able to follow directions and be part of a team
  • able to communicate effectively and work efficiently
  • able to take initiative, be a self-starter, and complete tasks on time
  • interested in growing with the company

Ice Cream Maker Job Description 30-40 hours/week, $11 - 14/hr

This position includes and is not limited to the following responsibilities:

  • produce between 60 and 100 gallons of fresh ice cream and/ or sorbet each day
  • label, pack, and store 100 to 200 pints of ice cream each day
  • prepare ingredients for each flavor and topping including homemade salted caramel, chocolate base, balsamic reduction, hot fudge, lemon curd, fruit compotes, etc.
  • continually inventory ice cream, sorbet, toppings, and pint stock in order to produce what’s needed each day
  • communicate relevant information to scoopers in an effective and friendly manner
  • follow health, safety and sanitation guidelines with care
  • keep kitchen and freezer areas inviting, clean, and organized
  • wash dishes & utensils throughout your shift
  • contribute to Molly Moon’s goals for increasing sales and creating loyal customers

This position necessitates someone who is:

  • passionate about food, cooking, and quality
  • able to stand eight hours and lift up to 40 pounds
  • willing to learn and follow instructions with precision as well as give great attention to detail
  • able to properly multitask without compromising quality
  • able to demonstrate self motivation while also being a dedicated team player
  • great at communicating in a professional, friendly manner
  • able to text and check email on a daily basis

As with all positions at Molly Moon’s, employees are eligible for incremental, merit based raises and medical, dental, and vision insurance after 60 days of 25 hour/week employment.

If you feel you are a good fit for either of these positions, please email a cover letter and resume to jobs@mollymoonicecream.com and if we agree, we will get in touch about interviews. Thank you!

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